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The New Jersey Detective Agency (NJDA) is a body politic created by the New Jersey State Legislature, pursuant to Public Law 1871, c.457. Its charter authorizes the NJDA to elect up to 25 individuals for membership. Upon election into the NJDA, each member must file a bond with the Secretary of State for the faithful and bona fide performance of his/her duties and undertakings as a police officer and detective.

Once the bond is filed, the member is issued a commission from the Governor of New Jersey empowering him/her to act as a police officer and detective. Each member is authorized to act as a New Jersey State Detective in all criminal matters with state-wide jurisdiction.

The NJDA oversees and regulates the actions of the New Jersey State Detectives through its’ By-Laws and Rules & Regulations. It is authorized to discipline and expel any member for cause.