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New Jersey State Detectives offer professional assistance to law enforcement agencies during times of disaster or other emergent situations, when the safety and security of the citizens are at stake. Comprised of career law enforcement officers from Federal, State, County and Local law enforcement agencies, each State Detective averages more than twenty five years of police experience. They possess specialized skills in various areas of law enforcement, such as narcotics, fraud, arson, sex crimes, organized crime, street gangs and undercover operations, and are available to assist other agencies whenever and wherever needed.

New Jersey State Detectives also protect and serve the people of the State of New Jersey at no cost to the taxpayers. By their very nature, State Detectives provide additional police presence on the streets, in the malls, in restaurants, in the parks, churches and schools in all communities throughout the State. They serve as additional eyes and ears to help ensure a safe and secure environment and enhance the quality of life for each and every citizen.

New Jersey State Detectives are also available to private individuals and businesses to assist in concerns of safety and security.